Roulette software to win at roulette

Should you happen to lose money due to a personal error while using our roulette prediction software, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have created a solidarity fund for any such events.

Operating the roulette prediction software

Our prediction robot is able to « guess » the actual numbers being drawn at the roulette games of several online casinos that we hacked so far. The algorithm used by online casinos in Demo mode is always different from the one used in Real mode. Our software is only covering Real mode roulette games.

Step 1 : Register with the online casino

Register with one of the casinos we have been able to hack so far:

We have selected those 3 online casinos mainly because they use a random number generator algorithm that is less complex than what is on major online casinos. It was therefore easier for us to hack them and adapt our software for roulette prediction.

Step 2 : Run the game of roulette in Real mode

Make a deposit of €40 in your player account.

Go to « Table games » section and select either American Roulette or European Roulette.

Step 3 : Make use of our prediction software in real mode

Run the prediction software using the link below and carefully follow the instructions.
The software must be used online as it communicates with our server continuously. There is no download or an offline version of the software..

Run the software for roulette prediction

Demonstration video of the roulette software

Software for Deuce Club Casino

Software for Casino Cosmik